Great selection and very friendly staff.
Zevy RosenbergZevy Rosenberg
19:49 19 Apr 24
AB MichaelAB Michael
21:51 22 Dec 23
Shay MordoShay Mordo
03:31 24 Nov 23
Great spot with lots of israeli products, awesome service and good atmosphere
Andreah WernerAndreah Werner
22:47 01 Nov 23
This is the absolute best place to shop for Kosher food and snacks. They are always very helpful and always full of ( Chesid) Kindness.I feel so grateful that they are here and open in Las Vegas
Devorah MehranniaDevorah Mehrannia
19:34 27 Oct 23
Such a nice market! So clean, organized and has a great selection of different foods and snacks!
Elinorah KavoshElinorah Kavosh
19:32 27 Oct 23
Best service and has all the items you need:)
Noaa KohanNoaa Kohan
19:31 27 Oct 23
The store owner is so nice and helpful. Just amazing food and variety!!! Would recommend 10/10
Miloyhalder UtshabMiloyhalder Utshab
11:50 23 Sep 23
A lot of items are expired over priced but it’s OK store
Thomas ClarkThomas Clark
11:39 23 Sep 23
The best market, They call their self, Kosher marketEven they, are not certified kosher not everything is Kosher not all the merchandise up-to-date. Most of them are expired. They have the best Alcohol drink ARAK you have to ask the guy behind the counter so he can give you one. Thank you to the owner.SHIMI
Raymond BabcockRaymond Babcock
11:32 23 Sep 23
This kosher market Over priced very rude employees kosher items without expiration date.
Mary KaufmanMary Kaufman
15:18 22 Sep 23
The Kosher Market is my go-to for all my kosher groceries. The prices are reasonable, and I can trust that everything is certified kosher.
Joseph JohnsonJoseph Johnson
14:39 22 Sep 23
This place is a gem for kosher shoppers. The quality of their products is top-notch, and I appreciate the convenience of finding everything I need in one place.
Robert AndersonRobert Anderson
13:26 22 Sep 23
Brian CollinsBrian Collins
17:11 19 Sep 23
I love shopping at this Kosher Market! They have a fantastic selection of kosher products, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.
Rébecca Cohen DadiRébecca Cohen Dadi
18:04 22 Aug 23
A pleasure to find this little kosher oasis in the middle of Vegas. The person at the cash register, a very nice, helpful and pleasant lady.THANKS :))
Jay AlvaradoJay Alvarado
19:34 16 Aug 23
The reason for this review is because I'm an Uber driver and I had a package pickup delivery at the kosher market the nicest people ever I forget the gentleman's name and very polite respectful engaging I didn't know what where I was at actually cuz I couldn't see the sign and I asked him what is this place and he said this is a Jewish grocery most of the food is imported from Jerusalem at some point he asked me if I was hungry and I and I said yes and he brought me a plate not to mention the food was bread that the recipe is still the same from thousands of years ago awesome place check it out.... five Stars ***** 24/7 365.......
Alon MantsurAlon Mantsur
20:56 06 Aug 23
Great store with amazing people
A Day with Melo MeloA Day with Melo Melo
02:51 27 Jun 23
First of all. I don’t know why there is negative reviews about rude customer service. He was definitely was helpful and nice. The food were shipped from Israel and they have fresh Pita’s. I highly recommend this store. Check them out😊
shay alkobyshay alkoby
01:45 20 May 23
I can not say enough about the customer service by this place! Our flight was delayed and we barely had time to make it for Shabbat and they went out of their way to make sure we would get the things we need for Shabbat. 6 stars and a big kiddush HaShem!
מנדי לויןמנדי לוין
00:34 19 May 23
Super excellent, excellent service, nothing missing
Timur KolchinskiyTimur Kolchinskiy
21:12 03 May 23
Just moved to Vegas from a place where they were kosher butchers everywhere. I found this place at the recommendation of a friend and it lived up to everything I was hoping for and more. Their hechsher is beyond reproach, their quality is top-notch, their on-site selection is excellent, and if they don’t have something, they can get it for you within a few days from Los Angeles (I asked him to get me some chicken fat to make shmaltz, he got me shmaltz already made, saved me hours of annoying work on the stove). I would recommend Kosher Market to anyone.P.S. the only place in town that has those marinated Israeli pickles that make the BEST tuna salads
Iris LoebensteinIris Loebenstein
16:45 10 Nov 22
It is nice to have a kosher makolet near by. We purchased a cheese that was moldy and drove back 20 minutes to exchange. No Hello. No Apology. No midot. I encourage the cashier to learn from Trader Joe's. I gave them a 5 star for everything else.
Miriam MoshkovskiMiriam Moshkovski
12:03 25 Oct 22
Nice little all-purpose market with lots of kosher, Mediterranean products to buy. It's a great place to pick up a couple of things and find some unique items and foods, but I wouldn't necessarily go here for a full grocery shopping.
Kelly KoehlerKelly Koehler
03:35 15 Sep 22
Great customer service!! They have all my favorite items and even stayed open late for us when we needed to grab a couple things!
Eden ShiloEden Shilo
22:41 15 Jul 22
Great market for everyone with lots of Israeli productLovely manager and really kind full!!!
Jacoby MyersJacoby Myers
18:55 11 Jul 22
Awesome market with many Israeli products, the service was great and very friendly, I recommend you check this place out!
Chef Menajem PeretzChef Menajem Peretz
19:18 07 Dec 21
Although is a bit far from the hotel areas, this is a great place to shop for all the Israeli goodies, they have everything, excellent customer service and also more option for kosher around the same plaza
Albina SharaliyAlbina Sharaliy
02:50 01 Sep 21
Great authentic market with variety, culture and excellent service. My husband felt right at home coming from Israel. We will be back for sure 🤗

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